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Artist Statement: Noël Keag, Stone Circle Pottery

I adore making art with clay. My work is functional and decorative, loose and delicious. It is art created by an entirely tactile process and shared so that all that use it can experience a similar, but wonderfully personal, sensory adventure.

It is my fascination for the movement and my devout respect for the medium that feeds my inspiration. Clay is extremely complex and has components that are over 400 million years old. This is a truth that whispers to a part of my soul in a way that nothing else ever has. As a result, I feel I have a responsibility to bring life back into this medium that is solely composed of the cumulative life forces that came before us, including the entirety of human history. This knowledge is what inspires me to create works with dramatic movement, effectively infusing vitality and energy back into this medium that has lain dormant for so many years.

My process is unique and certainly not forgiving. In order to achieve the desired movement, the clay is pulled and manipulated until it initiates independent movement. To capture this energy, fire is immediately applied to the surface, effectively freezing the motion of the clay. In this way the clay is allowed a voice of its own. Sharing a story that has been 400 million years in the making.

Noël’s work is featured in Larks Crafts 500 Teapots – Volume 2 and The Walleye.

Thunder Bay Potters’ Guild Summer Sale – 2021

Thunder Bay Potters' Guild Summer Sale 2021 - Online!This year, the Thunder Bay Potters’ Guild is holding their Summer Sale online — and I’ll be a part of it! The sale runs from July 22 at 10am to July 24 at 5pm.

Find out more information on the Guild’s Summer Sale page. See you there!