Pottery Lessons

Stone Circle Pottery 7-Week Wheel Course

October/December 2021

Hi Folks,

So here is what will be happening in the Stone Circle Pottery 7-Week Wheel Course.

First of all, excitement! Not least of all, excitement that we can all be back and learning and laughing together. To do this, we will be taking necessary precautions for the comfort and safety of everyone. Masks will be mandatory in class. We will also be using hand sanitizer before class and making sure that water buckets for working remain individual.

During this wheel course, you will be using the potter’s wheel for all your making classes. We’ll be making bowls first before moving to a more difficult cylinder form. I’ll provide you with all the clay you need. Each class will start with a demonstration including lessons on how to centre your clay and then pull it to make a vessel. We will practise these skills at every lesson.

Trimming your pots is also a vital skill. Every time you make a pot, you have to trim the bottom to make it beautiful and functional. I will also teach you how to make handles and feet for your creations as well as how to create interesting surface decorations. In our last class, we will glaze the pots, making them functional and beautiful.

This course is made for all types of students from newbies to advanced. (For more advanced students, we will discuss your personal goals and make individual plans to help you grow as a potter.) There aren’t any extra fees for tools, clay, or glazing. Everything you need is included in the $340 class fee.

Come join the pottery adventure while learning and laughing in the quaint Stone Circle Pottery Cottage!

What you get:

  1. A talented, thoughtful teacher who has honed her pottery skills for 24 years and has taught for 18 years. You can read my bio on the Thunder Bay Potters’ Guild Web Page at https://thunderbaypottersguild.com/team/noel-keag-2/
  2. Enough clay to be creative without restriction
  3. All the materials and tools necessary for the making process
  4. The benefit of learners from all levels of pottery
  5. A wonderful relaxed environment established with the sole purpose of learning
  6. An exciting artistic experience that may lead you to other paths of life that you have yet to explore
  7. An understanding of clay and the process of making pots. If you have never done this you will be surprised.
  8. The beautiful work you have created

Hope to see you in class!

Noël Keag

PS – I will be hosting a pottery workshop on November 7, 2021 as well. Keep an eye on my Stone Circle Pottery Facebook page for more information!


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