Introducing the Stone Circle Pottery Müg

made with Lake Superior sand

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The Story of the Müg

It’s no wonder I became a potter! I am a woman who walks with my head down. I am always looking at the earth, the rocks, the pebbles, and the sand.

I’ve collected many bits of the world during my travels. I have pebbles from the bottom of the pyramids and Blarney Castle to Hagia Sophia, the Olduvai Gorge, and a most harrowing border crossing in Mozambique where we had to buy our friend back from the guards . . .oh the stories!! I have sand from the red, black, and white beaches from when I lived on Santorini, and sand from 5 different seas and numerous deserts. I have two shoe boxes full of envelopes and small bags and now fancy tubes to keep these geological treasures.

I am also a woman who works with the earth and its ancient clays. So, when I was considering making a new line of work and making it meaningful to myself and my customers, I realized that I needed to put a little bit of Thunder Bay into it! And in that moment, the Müg was born.

The Stone Circle Pottery Müg (pronounced “moog”) is made from our beautiful surroundings. Each Müg contains sand from the beaches of Lake Superior. Tiny bits of Lake Superior agate in every piece. The two designs were inspired by the rugged beauty of Northwestern Ontario. “The Giant” Müg is a swirl of bold greys, reflecting the majestic intensity of the rolling, wave capped Lake Superior. “Camp” Müg on the other hand is more subtle, with natural sand-coloured tones, so playful and relaxing like a day at the lake. They are a reflection, of the place we live and share our lives together. It is a connection to the powerful lake that has shaped our landscape, to the earth and to each other. To all the life that has come before us and the majestic power that is represented by the clay itself.

If you are from here, it’s like a little bit of home in every sip. And if you’re from away, it’s like taking a piece of Thunder Bay with you. Each Müg is personal and completely unique, so we can make it our own. Which is exactly what a Müg should be.

Feel the power – Feel the place. It’s all so Müg!

Please note: the Müg has become very popular and isn’t always available! Follow Noël on Facebook or Instagram for updates on when and where you can buy your Müg. You can also click on the button below to check availability at the Stone Circle Pottery online store.

Personalize with Your Own Sand

Noël can also create a personalized, one-of-a-kind Müg created with your sand from a vacation, your camp/cottage, or a special place in the world. Learn More on the Personalized Müg page.