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Valentine’s Day “Studio in a Box”

Online Workshop for All Ages and Experiences


Join me on Tuesday, February 14th at 7pm for an online hand-building course: Valentine’s Day “Studio in a Box”. I am going to bring to you via Zoom a delightful project you can do at home, with your sweetheart, friend, family member or simply to celebrate yourself!!!

The Valentine’s Day “Studio in a Box” project includes all the clay and materials you need to create this beautiful wall sconce. The vessel is large enough to plant in or to root. Succulents or vines would be a stunning complement to this design and subtle colour. Your finished project will look amazing on any wall!

If you do not care for hearts there is a round project available as a substitute.

Whether you are a novice or advanced this project is for you!!! I’ll be in my kitchen, and you can be in yours! (Or your dining room, or wherever you have WiFi…)

Course Fee: $105

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register on my Square Site
  2. Pick up your clay and materials either Pick up your clay and materials either Saturday Feb. 12th from 5pm to 6pm or Sunday Feb. 13th from 4-5pm at 2380 Oliver Rd.
  3. On Tuesday, February 14th at 7pm, we’ll meet online via Zoom for the class. I’ll demonstrate each step from start to finish, and you can build along with me. You’ll also get to ask questions. Total class time should be two hours, though it may take longer depending on the number of questions people have, etc.
  4. Then, for the final preparation. As my students already know, building your piece is just the first step in a very long process. Normally, my students do most of these steps themselves. However, in this special workshop, you’ll have all these steps taken care of professionally, including:
    • Loading and Bisque-firing each piece (10 hours in the kiln)
    • Unloading Kiln and Sanding each piece
    • Wax Application
    • Glazing
    • Loading and Glaze-firing (12-14 hours of kiln time)
    • Unloading and Final sanding
    • Packaging ready for pickup!

This behind-the-scenes work – the work I do in the studio after you’ve made your sconce – is actually the most time-consuming. But they are the steps you need to take to complete your project.

I really hope you can join us for this unique workshop. Make sure you pour yourself a glass or a cup of your favourite beverage. Invite other family members along as well – this first project will be perfect for kids as well as adults. It’s a fun way to take our minds off things, be creative, and take another step back to normal.

Noël Keag
Stone Circle Pottery